Summer Shows 2019

Hey gang, back for another update. We have a plethora of shows in the Columbus area following our release show, most of them being festivals, so we’re thrilled to share some beautiful weather with everyone and play some loud music outdoors!

Check out the schedule:

APRIL 20th: Earth Day Celebration 2019 @ Genoa Park (4:45pm-5:15)
MAY 17th: C&C Debut Album Release @ Brothers Drake (9pm)
JUNE 1st: Columbus Chicken & Beer Festival @ West Bank Park (2pm-2:45)
JUNE 8th: Columbus Arts Festival @ Scioto Mile/Riverfront (12:15pm, 4:30pm)*
JUNE 14th: Creekside Blues & Jazz Festival @ Creekside Gahanna (9pm-10:45)
JUNE 30th: Comfest Community Festival @ Goodale Park Bozo Stage (5:40pm)
JULY 7th: Gnarbeque V @ Woodlands Backyard (TBA)
AUGUST 2nd: Local ‘n Live @ The Gateway/District Pourhouse (5pm-7pm)

*Clemens & Elliott Duo performs at 12:15pm on the Acoustic Lounge stage, Clemens & Co full band performs on the Bicentennial Park stage at 4:30pm)

Eric Clemens