Festivals, Weddings, and even MORE studio time

I believe it’s time for another update, as we’ve been up to a few things lately!

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been really busy with a lot of projects in Columbus but I’m excited to get back into the studio in a few weeks and see how far we can get on our album. The plan is actually to go back and start over in our next session - I believe that we’ve done some great work, and the samples you’ve heard were quality enough for me to stream online. But I know there’s something better here, and I’m willing to wait until it’s absolutely perfect before I release it for sale.

That being said, we also had an amazing time last Friday at Hot Times Festival, we didn’t get any video but there is a clip out on our YouTube channel of Kristen Elliott leading our crew at ComFest.

One last thing, Kristen and I have been working on a wedding press kit as we have done a few weddings together in the past and would really like to get more added to our calendar. You can see our plans on the Weddings page and please recommend us if you hear of any proposals!

Thanks again for your continued support!