New website, who dis?

Hello friends! I was long overdue for a new site so I went and took the time to put a new one together now that I have a lot of photos and some video together.  I guess the two big things now are all the collaborative projects that are on the horizon for me this summer, and also the upcoming release of my debut EP!

I plan on joining some folks as a lead guitarist over rock, country and folk bands, as well as the annual middle school talent show coming up this month.  I'm excited to get the chance to just play guitar (and even have another guitar player) instead of singing and calling the shots.  Some great acts I'll get to be a part of:  Silvis, Luke Mossburg and Donna Mogavero.

In a month, we should be able to release one or two singles as we finish up the rest of the EP.  Lou Kestella is engineering this bad boy at his studio Protoad Audio.  I can't wait for you to hear it!